Are you the one to pick?

There’s never been a job quite like it. You’ll be overseeing the whole Fruitful project and that calls for a whole cocktail of talents.

The role

This is a role for someone with the patience to work with people who have learning disabilities. The greatest reward will be seeing them flourish and gain in confidence.

You’ll need to be business savvy too – planning to make the stall a success on a weekly and monthly basis. You’ll be drawing up timetables, seeking out new locations, managing the finances, promoting the stall to the public, the media and on social platforms.

Core skills

You need to be practical enough to ensure all equipment is in the right place at the right time, and functioning properly. Every stall has to meet Health & Safety standards – and you’ll be in charge of that.

You’ll need to be…

  • Great at negotiating the best savings on strawberries, and the lowest prices on pears.
  • Someone who isn’t afraid of writing a business report and presenting it to PIP stakeholders.
  • Someone who would thrive in the Dragon’s Den.
  • Someone who loves the idea of developing new ways to make a business grow.

And you’ll need to be someone who can nurture our students, help them grow and recruit new ones. Maybe you have experience already in the voluntary sector, or catering. Or both.

Make your career blossom

The PIP Fruitful coordinator will be responsible for the entire Fruitful Health and Wellbeing project. The core hours will be Mon-Fri, with some weekend and evening working over a 37 hour week. Salary will be £24-29,000 per annum. You will, of course, need to complete a Disclosure Check.

It is a wonderful opportunity for someone looking to expand their current catering or retail career, or work in the voluntary sector. You will further develop your business and entrepreneurial skills, practical management and marketing experience and create a wonderful case history for yourself.